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How to wear our semi-precious stone pendants

Isla Axelrod

Posted on April 15 2016

Ever wonder why April is a favorite month for so many? It’s easy to explain and understand. April derives from the latin word aperire meaning “to open,” as in, the flowers blossom, and we all feel a sense of a Spring revival and awakening. For those of us who wear neutral colors, we often want to add something to brighten our outfit, and for those who are already bright in attire, we still want to add that extra embellishment to complete the look.

We all talk about Spring cleaning, and most of us talk about it as a Spring refreshing as well. As we put certain garments back or away in the closet, those tailored for colder weather, we look at what we have and think about how we can embellish and add on some new items for the new season.

Precious gemstones in pendant form are incredibly popular this Spring popular due to their versatility, beauty, rarity and craftsmanship. Artisans have hopped onto this trend quickly, as have ladies that want to add a pop of color or a little shimmer in druzy form to their outfit. They work for all ages and for all occasions, as long as you pick the right one for any given event or day.

Here are some recommendations for which semi-precious gemstone pendants will work best given the nature of your day, ranging from a more casual day to a full-blown event that you may pay a bit more attention to in terms of the fine details of your outfit.

Relaxed Day Off/Day for Home Errands:
Are you wearing jeans and a tee shirt? This shorter length $35 beaded pendant is available in three colors and has a truly natural, Spring feel (and look) to it:


Two in One: Work to Dinner for Business or Pleasure
Maybe you’re wearing a crewneck or collared dress to work, maybe it’s a-line with an open front or maybe it’s a fit-and-flare garment that could have either of these openings - skin-baring or not. This $25 pendant is the perfect length and works with all three of those cuts based upon the length of the necklace chain. And if you happen to be wearing a collared shirt or sweater with a nice pair of pants to work and then out? This necklace will still work as long as you are wearing neutral colors so that the pop of color you get from the semi-precious stone is clear and also so that you have that clear definition between day and night attire. You’ll know you’re wearing the same thing but the other people you’re around probably will think you changed before meeting them or going out!

Cocktail Reception: Chic Required in the “Yes” RSVP

Of course the semi-precious pendant you wear will depend upon the cocktail dress you’ve chosen; that said, this is an easy favorite and unless you’re wearing a warm color (red, orange, yellow) this is easily a standout favorite because it includes the glitz as well as the classic stone for only $48. To boot, the subtle arrowhead shape is as beautiful as it is lightweight so you won’t feel at all weighed down by a gemstone, you’re free to lightheartedly enjoy the evening!

Semi Precious Stone Pendant

Wedding: Dazzle for Your Significant Other 

Aside from venue and floral costs, the most significant one that ladies encounter for impending nuptials is the money spent on the wedding dress itself. If you are wearing a dress that covers your chest then read no further, but if you happen to be going for a strapless, scoop neck or v-neck gown, then this semi-precious pendant could be your best friend and perfect finishing item at just $25 extra and something to wear after that special day as well. And just because it’s such a special day and you were thrifty and savvy with your pendant, think about treating yourself to these $35 Love, Poppy Druzy studs as well which will match perfectly and become an accessory staple in your wardrobe.

Vertical Bar Druzy Pendant

Love, Poppy Oval Druzy Earrings

Semi-precious stones are a favorite for many as they are versatile and add an elegant touch to your outfit. lou lou has many semi-precious stone options available in stores and online.


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