Ask the expert: Cassandra Morales Thurswell of Kitsch talks about latest trends in hair accessories

Stephanie Schaffer

Posted on May 11 2016

We love hair accessories at lou lou! We asked Cassandra Morales Thurswell, founder of Kitsch, about the latest in fashion accessories and hairstyle trends.

What are the most popular hairstyles right now for formal events? 

BRAIDS! it's all about doing unique and pretty braids. Braid crowns, french braids, flowers with braids...the list goes on! the best part about a braid is it can be edgy, feminine or classic with small changes. 

Which materials are trending in hair accessories?
Metal is really picking up - metal bobby pins that are high polished, metal crowns, bun pins, and metal barrettes.  There is a lot of request for metallic leather and tiny flower pins. 
We love the new bun pins! Are there any particular tips or tricks on creating the perfect updo?
I'm a big believer in the undone look. There is something about having some imperfections that make everything not so serious and more fun. If you do a braid mess it up a bit! If you're doing a bun make it look windblown. 
How do hair embellishments help to complete a formal look?
Hair embellishments make a statement that says, "I'm not going to a casual dinner." and "I'm not here to blend in" which is why i love them. 
What is your favorite piece from your latest collection?
My favorite item for casual is the bendable pony cuff. It's so chic and can be worn from day to night. My favorite item for more of a statement is our leaf bun pin. We've had some amazing customers show us what they can do with it. Our girl is so creative and really loves to play with our product to make a statement. 
How do you find inspiration when you create a new hair accessories collection?
Instagram. I love looking at how people are casually wearing their hair and I think about what they could put in it to feel unique. Hair accessories are something not everyone is 100% comfortable wearing because it can get a little intimidating to do the styling part. I always think about my friends in Amery WI (where I grew up) as well as my friends in Los Angeles (where I live now) and make sure I have products both girls would be comfortable in. A little fashion forward meets forever basic is what i'm always striving for.
For general tips and tricks, can you share with us some favorite ways to style your headbands, clips and pins?
I love our new bobby pins. they are really strong and high quality which is great, but I love when they are all put in the hair at once - like stacked together - for a polished but edgy look.   Our new leather wraps are so cute around a top knot. If you haven't used our coils yet you HAVE to try them. They are amazing for tying your hair up at night to avoid any kinks.   I think out of all the styles i'm a HUGE fan of our metal claw clips. Really cute for doing a 1/2 up top knot. It's cute to "tie it up" with a clip rather than a pony holder. 
Have fun styling your hair with these new finds from Kitsch!

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