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Mother's Day gift guide - our staff picks!

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Posted on April 27 2016

A good gift to show appreciation for something as major as your existence, your selection depends entirely upon who your mother figure is, how you relate to each other, and what she enjoys most in life (aside from spending time with you). Actions are louder than words but gifts that complement a sentiment are meaningful, treasured and thoroughly fulfilling to give and receive.

There are a variety of mothers out there, and yours may not be spot on in a mini description here, or she may be a combo of our examples, but no matter who she is, she will feel truly loved and appreciated by you on this day if you say so; and as an extra show of appreciation, we have some curated picks for your gifting this Mother's Day. 

Here are some thoughts…

Mother Who Shops Online and Loves Picking Her Own Attire & Accessories at Her Own Leisure

Does she love lou lou boutiques but she doesn’t live near one? We'll start off simple: GIFT CARD! You don't have to stress about last minute shipping if you're reading this closer to May 8th, and she can pick out what she likes for herself. Hesitant or fairly unknowing daughter and son-in-laws? This is a good bet too, and no, it is not tacky and with a nice message saying that she has such great style that you didn't want to get her something she didn't love? Well that would be a smart move, too, and likely a true one if she's a lou lou lover.



Simple (and Profound) Statement Necklace: two-in-one twice (card PLUS present!) for the Classic Trendsetter

Dogeared is a very trendy brand right now and although this necklace below is delicate in design, their jewelry is very durable. This necklace was designed for Mother's Day and it's a clear favorite, especially because it comes in gold ($48) and silver tones ($42) and because of the freshwater pearl that goes with any outfit and can be layered with other necklaces easily or can stand alone AND still delicately stand out. This is a piece where the box will be kept for a while and a very simple one-stop shop; there's a good chance you already know of this brand or your mother does.



Gadget Gal: The Tech Savvy Lady Who Says "My closet is FULL!"

Balance tradition with technology and without having to obviously look at her phone during a meeting or when walking to meet a friend (or perhaps, you!) grab this simple watch cuff in a neutral tone to go with anything she wears and to hide when she may just be checking that time; busy lady or not, there’s something classy about a lady that doesn’t say “let me check my phone” but is subtly aware of what time it is and you could even get either matching cuff watches or two (like the silver and gold metallics pictured below) and let her pick hers first and you can wear the second one, being that they are only $18 (and fully functional for most all wrist sizes). We spend our money on gadgets these days, there’s no need to go for a watch that costs as much as your mobile phone for this kind of gift. 




That said, we’re on par with the ever expanding mobile trend too and you can check out any of the 27 stores to see goodies to charge and freshen up your gadgets on-the-go. If your mother is more concerned with taking care of her phone that making it dazzle? Aside from the awesome BAN.DO phone cases we carry, we also have protective clutches galore with compartments and zippers to keep you in contact and with all other necessary items as well. This Shiraleah Crossbody beauty is bright and beautiful in yellow and demure and equally as beautiful in black, and just a little more expensive than some others you’ll find at lou lou because of the craftsmanship and 15-year dedication (like lou lou’s 14-year history!) to creating vegan leather designs to cross your body in style:


If your mom is a fan of scents and creating a beautiful home environment, you can't go wrong with a Capri Blue scented candle. The candle is in a beautiful watercolor motif jar that will add to any decor and make your room come alive with fragrance. At just $32.95 it is a gift that is appropriate for Mother's Day and just about any occasion.

Mother with A Special Event: Yours!
Certain people are worth splurging on, especially if it’s for a special event in your life that she helped make possible, and these web exclusive Julie Vos earrings (in black and white pearl) are true keepsakes and give just enough of a drop down to make a statement without your mother feeling as though she’s taking too much of any spotlight away from you. Maybe if her birthday also falls in May you could double up and get these Julie Vos Botticelli earrings ($195) or a pair similar to that them lou lou carries, as they’re surely stunners and worth it for the right reason(s). And if you want a “future gift” to match? Check out the Julie Vos Botticelli open bangle ($225) too!


At the end of the day and year, in a role reversal of the saying, YOU know what best to get her. We definitely can help you find what you need. And if you just can’t seem to figure out what she would like best, it’s not gauche to ask her and tell her to take a look at the site if you don’t love the suggestions here, there are many more choices available! The surprise may be ruined but not all ladies like surprises, some do prefer to give hints and sometimes those hints may be outright links like the ones you see here.

Just try to remember that it isn’t a Hallmark Holiday; each day and event is what you make of it, so celebrate and don’t hesitate to get something that you’ll both remember (and maybe wear) for years to come.

Happy Mother’s Day!




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