A huge trend in jewelry are the gorgeous, yet dainty, pieces worn by so many of us. I have seen lots of designs this spring and summer. None of them are quite like this line of gorgeous opal necklaces and bracelets, designed by Bara Boheme. I get a compliment every time I wear mine! Loulouboutiques.com has two styles both gorgeous in their own right.

We have the opal triangle necklace in three colors. It catches the light in such a way that people cant help but notice its sparkle! This style is not only a fun, modern look, but lovely as well. I wear mine day and night, and it still looks brand new. The gold filled chain really helps achieve this. We recently added matching bracelets. I want one NOW. Love this dynamic duo! Young and mature alike will gravitate toward these beauties.

We just added the more sophisticated, yet striking clover styles. These have the look of rich, extravagance with the addition of cubic zirconia along the perimeter of the pendants. We have two variations of blue. These elegant pieces will add the WOW factor to any cocktail dress. Both the necklace and bracelet are absolutely stunning!
This amazing jewelry is a must have! You will find yourself wearing yours non-stop. It’s the perfect thing to buy as a gift for you and any woman who loves jewelry. LETS SHOP!
With Optimism,
August 10, 2015 — Pam Shockey


darlene loeffel said:

How much is the triangle necklace and what other colors does it come in ?

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