Are you looking for a great way to accessorize your outfit? Look no further. Here are four of my favorite ways to accessorize your outfits!
    1.  Structured Crossbodies
    There’s nothing more classic and chic than a demure structured crossbody handbag. Box bags are the hottest accessories for fall 2015 and have made an appearance at every recent fashion event. From classic and chic to loud and bold, these box bags can add sophistication and elegance or scream out loud as a bold statement piece. From Michael Kors to Rebecca Minkoff, they are all over the place!

    Snag our very own Kasey Crossbody, or our fabulous Heather Crossbody in canary yellow (fall’s hottest color – Hello!—where have you been!?) from our Online Boutique to add a bold and modern sleek sophistication to your outfit!


    2. Circular Shades


    Can you say Ooh-La –La! This vintage staple has made a recent come back and can be seen all over the runways. Round shades are the go-to for this fall and oh so tres chic you’ll have to snag yourself a pair!
    3. Statement Jewelry

    There’s nothing like a bold statement necklace, bracelet or earrings to take your outfit to the next level. Bold accessories have been absolutely everywhere from Paris to Milan to NYC! Snatch up a bold accessory to take your outfit to greater heights! Be brave! Be bold! Make a statement! From colorful and outrageous to mute and classic, these pieces will make you the talk of the town – and in a good way!


    4. Structured Topper
    There’s nothing like adding a structured topper to your outfit to really make you stand out. Velvet and felt are the fabrics for fall and we are going bananas for the bold and beautiful hats that we’ve seen gracing the fall/winter runways this season! This accessory can be so unbelievably versatile! Pair them with a long boho skirt and a fringe handbag or with jeans and a tank for a go to look for fall! This look is classy and chic and you’ll look absolutely to die for!


    Sybil said:

    omg!!! currently digging structured cross bodies, in particular, the chloe drew bag!! :D

    Have a great week!
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