Treating your BFF, mother, favorite teacher, or another important lady in your life to a thoughtful and stylish gift is the perfect way to express your love and appreciation by making them feel extra special.

Check out our guide of trendy gifts that we curated especially as perfect gift ideas for occasions such as birthdays, holidays, hostess gifts, or simply just because! Shopping for trendy gifts for women has never been simpler or more rewarding than with our selection of affordable and essential boutique gifts that will sure to make her smile!

Our Favorite Trendy Gifts for Women

A woman sports a pony-tail beanie hat on a winter day

Elevate Her Cozy Style

One of our favorite tricks to use when shopping for trendy gifts for women is to seek out items that we know match our BFFs sense of style, but offer a fun new twist that elevates their aesthetic in a way that they might not have chosen for themselves, but we know that they will love. It’s a fantastic way to show someone you care about that you know them well and can offer an accent that can easily use everyday and beyond!

That’s why one of our favorite trendy gifts to select during the colder seasons is a super stylish ponytail beanie! It’s the perfect solution for any girl who loves the fashion statement and functionality of a cute winter hat but wants to ensure her hair stays on point. The knitted look of this chic winter hat offers a classic appeal, and the addition of the small hole means she can wear it during her morning jog or throw her hair up in a messy bun and not think twice.

A woman wears long, metallic dangling earrings as an example of trendy gifts for women

Accent Her Chic Jewelry Collection

The detailed metal jewelry trend makes shopping for trendy gifts for women oh-so-simple! Among our favorites are these hammered metal drop earrings from Foundry. They are lightweight, chic, and can be worn for so many different occasions. We love that these fashion earrings are understated enough for everyday wear, but are also double as trendy gifts that your most stylish friend will absolutely adore.

The craftsmanship of these cute pieces makes them look expensive and polished enough to complement a more formal ensemble, as well as versatile enough for women of any age to rock with confidence and style.

A woman wears stylish, round sunglasses as an example of trendy gifts for women

Treat Her to Vintage-Inspired Sunnies

Everyday style certainly doesn’t have to be boring and colorful sunglasses are the perfect way to brighten up even the most ho-hum daily routine. We love the timeless appeal of round-shaped boutique sunglasses that have a unisex appeal and comfortable fit for every face shape.

The brand IZIPIZI has some amazing options for trendy gifts that offer stellar ultraviolet protection (perfect if the gift recipient has a vacation coming up!) and flexible arms that adapt to the wearer’s face with ease. Achieving a chic look and impressing your friend with your stylish, trendy gift for women has never been simpler than with IZIPIZI glasses!

A classic, silver watch

Surprise Her with a Timeless Timepiece

At lou lou boutiques, we are always on top of the latest unique accessories but sometimes the most sought after trendy gifts for women are also the most timeless. If you’re unsure about what to get your #womancrush, you simply cannot go wrong with our bestselling women’s cuff watch!

As far as trendy gifts go, we’ve yet to meet a woman who hasn’t been impressed with the quality and sleek design of this affordable and sensible accessory. Our customers love that this timepiece isn’t bulky yet is easy-to-read and serves as both a functional watch and super stylish accessory that looks great with everything.

A white scarf decorated with a metallic pineapple print is modeled by a mannequin as an example of a trendy gift for women

Have Fun with Playful, Sophisticated Style

If you’re hunting for an accessory that she will love to wear anytime of year and with several different outfits, look no further than a cute lightweight scarf with a twist! We love the practicality of a simple accessory that can instantly turn a basic jeans and t-shirt look into a sophisticated ensemble, and a subtle pattern in a modern print like metallic pineapples can do just that!

This is one of our go-to trendy gifts for ladies who enjoy the fun of accessorizing and are always looking for unique pieces that elevate basics that they already own and love. The oversized design of this scarf makes it even more versatile and easy to transform into a high fashion accent. Swoon!

A woman models a gold 'G' monogram necklace

Get Personal with Modern Monograms

The personalized feel of a classic monogrammed piece of jewelry has long been one of the trendy gifts for women that every girl craves. Not only have these affordable and cute pieces become go-to accessories that bring our outfits to the next level, but they are also ideal last-minute gifts that will always make the recipient feel special.

Right now, we are obsessed with our big gold initial necklaces that make a statement without being gaudy and offer a polished accent that looks great on everyone! The sweet look of these fashion necklaces make them must-haves, and one of the trendy gifts that we always recommend stumped shoppers who aren’t sure what to choose.

A woman holds a green, leather clutch close to her as she models trendy gifts for women

Treasure Her Essentials with the Perfect Clutch

Giving the gift of a minimalist yet effortlessly stylish clutch to your friend who likes to keep things simple can be an absolute game changer! Perfect for the no-fuss friend who values the ease of a more compact carry-all, a wallet-wristlet hybrid will hold the most important items she needs every day like her cell phone, driver’s license, credit cards, and even some makeup must-haves.

We’re obsessed with seeking out trendy gifts for women that offer the recipient the luxury of convenience and style. Wristlets are not as bulky and heavy as more traditional boutique purses or fashion tote bags, and it’s important to choose a high-quality option that’s made to last. A vintage hide leather that only gets more beautiful each time it’s used makes the shortlist of trendy gifts that we would be thrilled to both give and receive.

Find the Perfect Accessory Gifts

There’s something so rewarding and feel-good about finding the absolute perfect gift for your #womancrush — especially when she’s not expecting it! If you’re still unsure what to get, simply give her the gift of a lou lou Gift Card and let her order whatever she likes from our collections.

At lou lou boutiques, we love curating the most in-style and popular accessories at amazing prices that the gift-giver and recipient will adore. Shop the latest must-have fashion accessories and cute jewelry to discover the best collection of amazing and trendy gifts at lou lou boutiques today!

November 11, 2019 — Tara Wegdam


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