Indigo teeters between blue and violet in the rainbow spectrum. It was a huge presence during this years New York fall fashion week. Fur coats in this gorgeous color were seen along with formal evening dresses. I love these two styles I saw online.



(courtesy Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images zac posen dress courtesy of

This color trend doesnt stop on the runway. I recently fell in love with our fabulous Level 99 Tanya high rise, skinny jean in AMAZING INDIGO sold at our 3 clothing locations. I wore my pair to my husbands 40th birthday bash with a braided leather belt, printed blouse and leather booties! I adore how they make my 53frame appear taller!
Now, lets talk accessories!! We are selling out of our fantastic reversible tote, especially in this indigo and gray combination. For only $55 this is a MUST HAVE. Get yours before its gone!




I also LOVE our TWD signature ever bright necklace! The indigo sparkles and shines in this beautiful pendant necklace. I would wear my jeans, a white longsleeve t-shirt that would showcase the necklace, and carry our reversible tote for an easy weekday outfit. Add on our ever bright matching bracelet, and we have succeeded in achieving my favorite look of dressy meets casual.
Indigo is a great color for all shapes ad sizes. Follow this trend for an easy effortless look that will update your wardrobe in a pinch. Shop this color with confidence!



With Optimism,
October 12, 2015 — Pam Shockey

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