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Themed Party Ideas for Spring: Dress Up, Spend Less

99MediaLab Collaborator

Posted on February 24 2016

Party Theme: Nautical / Take a Boating Outing 
If you're in an area or travel to one to take advantage of the seas with a boat party, possibly a special event set up by a friend or yourself, it's entirely possible to be as chic and elite as any celebrity without spending what those we see in the media do on their vacations.
Ours may be more like mini-cations, and the minimergency kit could be helpful during (and is so small it's a wonder we've all been carrying medium sized kits for a quick getaway all this time). 
In a true American denim dress - just $39 -and nautical (or patriotic) themed $15 scarf you're set in theme, and free to enjoy yourself, with a bathing suit underneath and no public awareness of as such. Throw on a Dogearred nautical necklace designed for friendship at $32 and have some fun with your gals. And remember that just because stars like Beyonce is wearing an awards show style dress here on her boating outing, it doesn't mean your denim dress is any less chic or cute; we don't try to be anyone else, we enjoy ourselves and don't imitate but replicate in our own ways. 
Create the look at lou lou for only $86! 
Party Theme: Do Your Own Derby / Throw a Tea Party 
Our floppy $30 wool hat isn't for one occasion alone but it definitely has a perfect place at a tea party, with the sun shining on you and your friends outside. 
Channel Krysten Ritter (top right in the photo and current star of Netflix's Jessica Jones - she chooses her own looks sans stylist and stays true to the theme and herself of any event - and bring this $55 floral reversible tote, and you'll get to enjoy it in teal with a solid outfit on another day when you feel like being less rosy in attire and favor, but still favor it in demeanor.

Create the look at lou lou for only $85!
The party itself is easy, all you need is a table, tea and cups and good company. Bake some cupcakes or just grab affordable cookies if you're fearful of the oven. The focus is on the attire but it's always nice to eat with friends too. Put on any pair of jeans and a white tee shirt or any dress if you're really into it.
And just for good measure, for the guys that ask for a little tip from you, just print this out or send them this link! 
Another closely related theme party to the one above with just a little more flare would be a Botanical Garden / Have a Picnic with Your Pinky Out party, and all you'd need is that same table and baked goods of some kind and a little wine and like Edith Wharton said (and we have the cards and magnets to prove it!): Sometimes, "we ought to be opening a bottle of wine." 
There are indoor gardens for the cold and many of us have a closed in porch as well. It's hardly cold in some areas still mind you, and it's always possible to have a picnic, because coats exist! That said, underneath your coat (if needed) this $85 beaded tassel necklace in white is super fun and both bohemian and classic at the same time! Not all fashion exists in one box alone, of course. These $30 floral sunglasses are perfect for this kind of party and perfectly fun and UVA/B protective of the eyes. Throw on this $35 cream lace poncho, add the $18 delicate leaf cuff in gold or silver as both work well (or belt it if you opt against the cuff and want to emphasize your waist in the poncho) to complete the look.


Beaded tassel necklace

Blue Planet Nani polarized sunglasses

Delicate leaf cuff

Create the look at lou lou for only $150 for all pieces!

Enjoy yourself and your attire in equal measure! 


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