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Spring Break (Out the Goodies): Travel Light and Enjoy the Flight

Isla Axelrod

Posted on March 03 2016

It's that time of year: Spring Break! Maybe you're going on a sunny trip with friends, maybe you're going on a family trip. Most positively you want to look good but travel light. Whether you're a student, a parent, a friend and/or joining a mixed party, each one of these lou lou items applies to you. With airlines charging baggage fees these days it's nice to know you can carry these on without any hassle and with full comfort knowing you're ready to enjoy your trip. 
Where do you start? Even if you enjoy the sun and have moisturizer on to protect yourself, this modern, floppy fedora will keep that glare out of your eyes and keep you looking and feeling fresh. It's a favorite for Spring and just go ahead and wear it on the plane with your carry-on bag to get some shuteye on that flight too and not have to worry about carrying a hat box! Now if you feel your head is a bit small or that it's too floppy for you? The straw fedora is the one you'll want:
We can't stress enough how great this kit is. We've restocked so many times given the demand in the past few months and the popularity isn't fading at all as we head into Spring. The picture itself showing what is inside will help you get why we are so enamored, and just in case you were wondering (as we've been asked), it IS very easy to repack as well if you take something out that you need:
Keep your jewelry safe in this snug so you can wear your bling on your trip and still know it's entirely safe and not all tangled up. Your jewelry will be perfect for that nice night out:
Now, check yourself out! You just relieved packing stress and your smiling face will show it as you laugh with joy (at this witty mirror compact itself and the adventures you're having):
You can buy all of these lou lou essentials for a good peace of mind in price point too - a floppy boho hat or fedora at $18-$35, the minimergency kit at $18the compact at $16, the snug at $21 - it's worth it and easy to justify to your wallet.  

Safe and savvy travels, loyal lou lou fans! 


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