Bid farewell to boring eyewear and say “hello” to exciting and stylish reading glasses and sunglasses that make us excited to be a four-eyes! lou lou Boutiques is thrilled to introduce our new collection of the Parisian eyewear brand, IZIPIZI! Billed as a fresh, colorful, dynamic, and trendy brand, IZIPIZI’s unique and modern take on some of the most well-known classic eyewear styles are sure to make you say “yes” to wearing glasses.

Woman models her black IZIPIZI sunglasses Woman models her speckled IZIPIZI stylish reading glasses

With a range of glasses that work for reading, viewing screens, and protecting you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, IZIPIZI offers modern solutions to eyewear that we adore. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with the brand’s latest designs which allow you to show off your personal sense of style while accessorizing practically and chicly!

Everyday Eyewear, Made “IZI” (IZIPIZI That is!)

Since its inception in 2010, IZIPIZI has been creating unique eyewear that feels special and stylish, but still work for your everyday life. We instantly fell in love with the brand’s effortlessly stylish reading glasses that offer the ideal blend of high-quality craftsmanship and modern innovation.

We love the mix of timeless style and modern color scheme options that make up the brand’s contemporary tortoiseshell reading glasses and screen readers. You can opt to keep things understated and classic with a more traditional sleek black and brown design, or get just a little bit funky with a blue-tortoise shell design that is unique and adds a pop of color to any ensemble.

Pair these adorable glasses with your office wardrobe or slip them on with your favorite casual outfit for when you grab a coffee. No matter what’s on the agenda, the superior comfortable fit of IZIPIZI’s glasses makes you forget they’re even on! You’ll love how lightweight these stylish reading glasses are, and enjoy the flexible arms that allow people with all face shapes and sizes to wear them effortlessly.

Woman uses her stylish reading glasses as she works at a computer

Discover Game-Changing Screen Readers

Even if you don’t typically wear glasses or contacts for reading or otherwise, IZIPIZI’s screen readers are the perfect solution for people who spend a lot of time looking at screens. IZIPIZI’s collection of screen-ready glasses are designed to make your everyday screen interactions just a little bit simpler.

Swap out your stylish reading glasses or contacts for a pair, and you’ll notice the difference right away. These glasses utilize cutting-edge technology to filter out 40 percent of blue light that is emitted from all screens, including televisions (perfect for when you’re binging that new show), tablets, computers, phones, and more. While we’ve always been diligent about protecting our eyes from the sun’s UV rays, it’s also important to give them a break from the screen light that we experience all the time. Even people with presbyopia or an existing prescription can safely give these designs a try!

Woman models her orange IZIPIZI sunglasses Man models his black IZIPIZI sunglasses

All-Season Sunnies

No matter the time of year, having go-to sunglasses at the ready is just as important as keeping your stylish reading glasses on-hand. We’re obsessed with the cool designs that IZIPIZI offers in its sunglasses collections! From retro-inspired shades to colorful lenses and a variety of shapes to choose, finding a design that complements your face shape and style has never been simpler.

Whether you enjoy keeping a cute pair of sunglasses in your car for your daily commute or want to throw a pair in your beach bag so you’re always ready for a spontaneous trip to the shore, the easy-to-wear and comfortable fit of these IZIPIZI shades make them the perfect essentials for year-round wear.

Show off a bit of vintage glamour with a round pair of sunglasses that offer a festive pop of color, or showcase your appreciation for a classic design with a pair of updated wayfarers. Seriously, why choose bland eyewear when you have so many stunning IZIPIZI pairs of sunglasses and stylish reading glasses to choose from (plus, we love how affordable this brand is for the quality!).

Man models his gray IZIPIZI stylish reading glasses Woman models her green IZIPIZI stylish reading glasses

Black, Red, and Well-Read

Solid-colored sunglasses and reading glasses are always essential to have in your lineup of functional accessories. IZIPIZI does out-of-the-box exciting designs just as well as it does the classics. From traditional black-colored eyewear paired with modern designs or bold red-colored glasses that add the perfect amount of intrigue to an ensemble, it’s hard to pick just one pair!

We admire how well IZIPIZI manages to create such sleek and gorgeous eyewear that makes such a fashion statement in the most effortless manner. Curling up on your couch with a thrilling book or reading the latest news while you travel is made simpler and chicer with this brand’s exceptionally-made and stylish reading glasses.

IZIPIZI is for Everyone

Something truly unique about IZIPIZI is that it considers the style tastes and needs of every generation. From young kids who need their first pair of sunglasses to older generations looking for a pair of sensible and comfortable reading glasses, there’s something for everyone in this IZIPIZI collection.

From mod-inspired square sunglass designs to classic and stylish reading glasses, treat your eyes to the best with IZIPIZI. Designed with care and offered in styles that are crafted to make you smile, we can’t wait to wear a new pair of glasses from IZIPIZI on our next adventure and for our everyday activities!

Be sure to check back at lou lou Boutiques often to discover the latest additions to our exciting new accessories and fashion jewelry!

May 02, 2019 — 99MediaLab Collaborator

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