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Fashion Flashbacks: It’s All About the ‘80s Accessories

When it comes to fashion trends, styles from the past can always make a comeback (and often do!) This summer has a huge emphasis on the oversized, electric, and structured look of the 1980s. In an era that was unafraid to “go all out” with big hair and bright colors, we can all find a little closet inspo to add into our daily lives in vibrant ‘80s jewelry and accessories. Whether it’s by grabbing a glitzy scrunchie or tuning to the biker shorts vibe, it’s time to relive the past with the top 5 iconic ‘80s accessories to snag this season:


Our Favorite ‘80s Jewelry & Accessories

Images Left to Right: 

Chunky blue hoop earrings.Skinny black hoop earrings.Chunky red hoop earrings.

Keep on Lovin’ the Lucite.

The ‘80s had a great emphasis on bright colors and very chunky jewelry.  Frosted Lucite Hoops are the perfect example of bold ‘80s accessories that capture the extravagance of the ‘80s with a more subtle “blast from the past” look. When it comes to incorporating that signature 1980’s Barbie Girl feel, look for these fashion earrings in solid colors like red, blue, or yellow.

Pro-tip: If you like your retro ‘80s jewelry and accessories to look a little more subtle, check out our smaller, Frosted Skinny Lucite Hoops


Black mesh cover-up shawl.Green mesh cover-up shawl.Red mesh cover-up shawl. 

Mesh it Up.

Transparent clothing is making a comeback this summer, and mesh is the best way to add on to your summer wardrobe without the drama of too much heat inducing fabric. It’s an ultra-retro and sophisticated way to add a little ‘80s accessories edge to your clothes. A mesh cover-up is an epic piece to wear over your bathing suit while also adding a little coverage for on-the-go beach trips and pool parties. Feeling extra daring? Pair your mesh piece with a cute bralette and your favorite pair of jeans for a sizzling summer daytime look!

Woman models multi-colored scrunchy ‘80s accessories 

 Scrunchies – Forever a Favorite.

When it comes to memorable hair trends, the 1980s is Queen. One of the first images that may come to mind when you think of ‘80s jewelry and accessories is the timeless scrunchy ponytail. Not only are these ‘80s accessories healthier for your hair (they won’t pull out or bunch up!), they also help out in those last-minute rushes to get ready when time is tight. Simple, neutral colors are great, but you can also go all out with electric or neon colors. Matte scrunchies are also a great option to pair with multiple looks because they match with everything!



snakeskin crossbody purse.


Faux Snakeskin For an Epic 80’s Look.

All things faux snakeskin are in this season (and completely resonate with that retro 80’s feel). Whether it’s a scarf, hair tie, or all out snake dress, anything with this signature animal print will add a little glam-rock to your wardrobe. The HOBO Cadence crossbody is a great summer women’s bag that adds an ‘80s rocker vibe to any outfit. 


Woman models tight, black biker shorts.Woman models tight, black biker shorts as an example of ‘80s accessories. 

Biker Shorts Are Back!

Even the Kardashians have been caught on to this throwback classic! Biker shorts are back, and they’ve never looked better! Paired with a flowing tee, simple tank, and your favorite ‘80s accessories, these retrofitted shorts can be worn to run some high styling errands or even to the gym for a form fitting workout look.


Keep the Classics Coming.

The flexibility of fashion keeps us on our feet. While certain looks seem to have seasons of popularity, what we see on the runway tends to come back full circle. Whether it’s cashing in on fun ‘80s accessories or staying true to modern looks, tuning into different time eras can be a fun way to redo your outfits and add a little closet inspiration to your wardrobe; but, as always, find the unique accessories and clothes that make you smile, no matter what the trends say!

July 01, 2019 — Tara Wegdam

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