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Finding the Right Shades is “Easy-Peasy” With IZIPIZI Glasses!

Spring is finally here, and the sun is shining bright. This season, it’s important to pick out that perfect pair of sunglasses before heading out and seizing the day. With so many fashionable shades to choose from, it can be a bit daunting to find the perfect pair that suits your unique style. Look no further because we’ve got your shade investigations covered with stylishly cute IZIPIZI eyewear! Check out our newest lou lou Boutiques brand, and the chic spring styles you can find in the IZIPIZI glasses collection!

IZIPIZI Glasses: Epicly Chic & Super Affordable.

It’s easy to see why IZIPIZI glasses have become a company favorite and overall best-seller here at lou lous! Since 2010, this family-run, Parisian company has been creating enviable glasses that every fashionista wants for her own. IZIPIZI eyewear’s endless array of colors, shapes, and sizes make it fun to chicly dress up your eyes and guard them with the right protection.

So which pair of IZIPIZI glasses are right for you? Take a look at these top-sellers for extra inspo because being called “four-eyes” never looked so good!

Colorful speckled IZIPIZI glasses Dark tortoiseshell IZIPIZI glasses


If you are looking for epic protection from everyday exposure to blue lights, IZIPIZI glasses with blue light filtering lenses are just right for you! Whether you are a writer who sits at the computer all day or an avid Instagrammer, screen readers act as an important shield for your delicate eyes against the strain of processing the blue lights.

Fun fact: Blue light (like that emitted from your computer or television screen) inhibits the production of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, which helps your body drift off to sleep each night. These effective IZIPIZI eyewear screen readers filter out 40% of the blue light you come into contact with daily, meaning they’ll actually help you snooze better (and make you look super cute!)

Red IZIPIZI eyewear sunglasses.Dark tortoiseshell IZIPIZI eyewear sunglasses.



Far beyond your ordinary sunglasses, IZIPIZI’s glasses combine Category 3, 100% UV protection with rubber finished, flexible hinges -- can you say so long sticky hinges after a day at the beach? Not only that, but this IZIPIZI eyewear is perfect for your next poolside read as they come in prescription, polarized versions as well!

Sunglasses Staff Pick: Our Zest Clothing & Company Manager, Sarah, adores IZIPIZI’s #D Tortoise in the Iconic frame!

Pastel, rainbow speckled IZIPIZI glasses. Pastel, red IZIPIZI glasses.



IZIPIZI’s glasses are actually designed for men and women with presbyopia -- a form of farsightedness that comes with age. As a result, IZIPIZI’s glasses are crafted with strong magnifying lenses so you never need to worry about those pesky blurry lines again! Plus, with their no-slip rubbery feel and flexible hinges, this IZIPIZI eyewear makes for a top-notch choice for effective and fashionable reading glasses!

Reading Glasses Staff Pick: lou lou Boutiques Owner, Ben Wegdam, kind of loves IZIPIZI glasses in the #E Orange Saffron Shade for the Trapeze frame. Hey, why not go wild with your readers?

What frames will you go wild for this spring? Add your favorites now (and maybe some new accessories, too, for good measure!), and receive free shipping on all orders +$40!

May 28, 2019 — Tara Wegdam

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