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Finding the Unique Accessories That are Right for Your Personal Style

The right unique accessories are the ultimate form of self-expression. The beauty of a perfectly placed stylish accessory just can’t be beaten, and, the best thing is, there are no rules about how to wear accessories! Before you grab your next cool bangle or pop on a pair of cute earrings, ponder the significance of why you want to put it on. What about that piece makes it “you?” Whether you adore statement jewelry or simple accessories that delicately add to your overall look, take a look at lou lou’s top unique accessories that will add an unforgettable extra dimension to your individual style!

 Unique, Pineapple accessory earring Unique, tropical bird accessory earrings. Unique, flamingo accessory earrings. Unique, flamingo accessory earrings.



Stylish Accessories for Occasions (Big and Small!)

With summer on the horizon, it’s officially the season of fun pool parties and elegant outdoor dinners. Take this chance as an excuse to go all out on your accessories! Why not choose a bold pair of earrings that bring a pop of color to your favorite going out dress? The new flamingo and pineapple novelty summer earrings at lou lous are great examples of unique accessories that bring flair and a little bit of edge to your overall look.

Stylish, blue string anklet accessoryStylish, pink string anklet accessoryStylish, rainbow anklet accessory Stylish, white string anklet accessory

Keep it Cool, Keep it Casual

While more outgoing jewelry can bring an eye-catching something extra to your look, sometimes it’s nice to have a classic array of go-to stylish accessories for everyday looks. Maybe you love a gorgeous ring you just never want to take off or even a super lightweight necklace that matches any occasion -- the importance of everyday pieces in your collection is not to be underestimated! Pura Vida beaded anklets are fun and casual, unique accessories that can handle everything from a hardcore trip to the beach to a simple, outdoor BBQ. Each anklet is 100% waterproof, and for every purchase of a Pura Vida piece, you support 650+ artisans worldwide!

 Stylish, gold necklace accessory with pink stones. Stylish, gold necklace accessory with black stones.Stylish, gold earring accessories with marbled stones.Stylish, gold earring accessories with marbled stone

Semi-Precious Stones Make a Statement


Adding a natural dimension to your stylish accessory collection is a beautiful way to update your look -- and infuse a healing spark, too! For centuries, cultures across the world have celebrated the empowering and healing power of certain gems and stones. These Frenzy Stone Statement Earrings, for example, come in a variety of semi-precious stones like Labradorite which represents change, strength, and perseverance. This collection also features necklaces and other unique accessories in other healing stones such as rose quartz, which embodies the healing power of true love.

 Row of Dogeared necklaces.
 Row of Dogeared necklaces.


Make it More Personal

The little tokens we wear around our necks can serve as a powerful reminder to show up every single day in our most authentic way possible. Reminder necklaces from Dogeared like the “new beginnings” and “karma” styles can become a fun way to embrace powerful life mantras. Their simple silver and gold chains go well with any outfit and are made to last. Search this collection for stylish accessories that bring a smile to your face and remind you of your unique beauty each and every day!


Carry Your Inspiration with You (Wherever You Go!)

Unique accessories provide us with a special opportunity to display our interests and inspirations in a new way every day. Whether you’re looking for just the right gift for a special someone or seeking out a new item to add a little more pizzazz to your ensemble, gravitate towards the fashion jewelry and gems that bring a genuine smile to your face – because that type of joy is contagious! Be you and put on pieces that let your natural beauty shine through.

June 11, 2019 — Tara Wegdam

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