lou lou now carries Conscious Coconut! It’s all natural, fair trade certified coconut oil packaged beautifully in a travel-ready tube. It is our featured product for our December lou lou gives back day program.


We’ve been honored to have Danielle Conte, Chief Coconut Officer, join us for a few days in our Washington-DC area stores to share the benefits of the many uses of coconut oil, and how the purchase of just one tube has a multiplier effect of supporting producers, communities, adults with disabilities who package the product, and children in need through her partnership with Feeding America where every tube purchased supplies a meal. Right now, for every tube purchased through lou lou we are donating 100% of the proceeds to Feeding America, which means that for every tube sold 100 meals will be donated!


Danielle’s story is so interesting, you can read more about it here:
Following a career in investment banking, I headed to Bali in search of happiness, balance, and to catch up on years of sleep. Over the next year I taught English and computer skills to Balinese children, traveled throughout Southeast Asia, dove into Buddhism, my yoga and meditation practice, and more importantly spent time with people that needed care and support.

Everyday of my journey I was overwhelmed by the endless abundance of love and positive energy these beautiful people were sending out to the world; despite their modest means and more than often dire living circumstances. Coconut oil is a huge part of daily wellness and I unconsciously became quite the coconut fan.

Returning home I had yet to find my “divine purpose” but I was even more inspired to start something to help those in need. After a few months, my friends said – “if you’re going to talk about coconut oil so much why don’t you sell it”. Here we are today. I believe when our ambitions are aligned with our greater spiritual purpose, we can achieve anything. And I’ve always felt that kindest thing you can do, is give a child a meal – and this is the foundation of which all is built.

Help us support Feeding America through your purchase of Conscious Coconut today!

December 09, 2016 — Stephanie Schaffer

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