Ready to refresh your jewelry collection? Get to know the top jewelry trends for 2020, and discover the year's hottest picks featuring a few well-known favorites, some modern upgrades, and innovative designs that you'll want to debut right away. With these boutique jewelry choices, you can embrace something brand new or continue with your classic jewelry aesthetic. Come along with lou lou boutiques as we unveil five new jewelry trends of the new year and how to wear them!


The 2020 Jewelry Trends We’re Excited About

Spherical Magic

One of the top jewelry trends for 2020 is positively geometric. Spheres of all designs, shapes, and sizes have been spotted on the 2020 runways, and so far, they're conquering the fashion world in the new year. Three-dimensional ball-shaped baubles are everywhere, and we can't say that we're complaining about it, either.

There's something magical about spherical jewelry. Depending on the designer and the piece, a round pendant or fashion earrings can resemble a cosmic planet, a whimsical witch ball, or a holiday decoration. They tend to work best as statement pieces, but again, that depends on the overall design and the size of the bauble itself.

How can you make this new jewelry trend all yours? Any way you want! The 3D ball trend lends itself well to everyday ensembles, special occasions, and date nights. Spherical earrings are major showstoppers, but long, dramatic fashion necklaces with ball-shaped pendants are perfect for adding a modern flair to an outfit, too!

A layered chain-link necklace from lou lou boutiques’ new jewelry trends.

Chunky Chain-Links

Let us introduce you to one of our favorite new jewelry trends for the year: chunky chain-links! Bigger is better and thicker is sicker when it comes to this year’s chain-link bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings. Thick chains stand out as one of the year's most striking statement jewelry, but you won't have trouble rocking your chains on the daily, either.

The runway fell in love with necklaces, in particular, this year. Short, oversized chains that fit close to the neck are ideal with V-neck tops and open-front jackets. Longer necklaces layer beautifully over crew neck shirts and mock neck tops.

Although necklaces seem to be the star of the show, chunky cute, chain bracelets are on-point, as well. They pair with stacking an assortment of bangles, dainty jewelry options, and cuff bracelets.

A large pair of textured gold hoops from lou lou boutiques’ new jewelry trends.

Out-of-This-World Hoops

Do hoop earrings ever go out of vogue? It's no surprise that they show up in the hottest jewelry trends of 2020! As always, however, this timeless style receives a modern update to keep it fashionable and fresh. For spring and summer, especially, you need to supersize.

Extra-large hoops make an instant statement for any outfit. It takes confidence to step out in humongous hoops, but we know that you've got the attitude to pull it off with charm. If massive hoops aren't exactly your thing, then you can mitigate the size of this new jewelry trend with a simple design. Believe it or not, large but plain hoops can still be understated. Stick to solid gold, silver, or platinum with no accents.

A woman models a chunky, pearl hair clip.

Pearls for the Modern Day

Pearl accessories never truly fall out of fashion, either -- they simply evolve. A strand of pearls is a timeless classic, but the new jewelry trend of the year involves an updated style of pearl jewelry. These new pieces still have the same refined elegance we know and love, but enhanced by a few funky touches.

Look for pearl earrings that go beyond the standard studs. Pearl hoops and spikes result in an edgy kind of elegance that perfectly marries 2020 fashion with vintage-inspired pieces. On special occasions, or just because, experiment with pearl hair accessories for women, such as a delicate “necklace” that drapes over the forehead or a clip that holds your hair back in place with refined, 80’s accessories’ chicness.

A silver ring with a wave design from lou lou boutiques’ new jewelry trends.

Stunning in Silver

For the past few years, variations of gold have been the metal of choice in most jewelry. Rose-gold, in particular, has spent more than its fair share of time in the spotlight. In contrast, the jewelry trends of 2020 are a bit cooler. This year’s new jewelry trends skew toward silver jewelry rather than gold, pointing to a general preference for cool colors.

You can wear this trend anywhere, any time, and with practically anything. Silver rings have a Boho chic flair, while silver earrings can give your complexion a cooler cast. Don't throw away all of your gold jewelry, though. Metal mixing is a mini-trend for the year. As long as the pieces complement each other, you can wear gold and silver jewelry together. Avoid going overboard, but play around to see what looks amazing.

Discover the jewelry trends of 2020 in our sensational selection of jewelry! Let us know which pieces you can't wait to wear. Take a moment to refer a friend to lou lou boutiques so that both of you can update your jewelry collection and save on your order with 10% off! Happy shopping!

March 04, 2020 — Tara Wegdam

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