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Warmer weather, fun outfits, and of course, the best festival accessories, are paramount as the festival season arrives in full force. Stocking up on versatile and bold accessories that will help your festival ensembles stand out (and look great on Instagram!) is an absolute must. From the coolest festival jewelry to must-have bags that hold all of your essentials, these pieces will bring your festival outfits to the next level.

Whether you’re excitedly planning for your first-ever festival or are looking for some unique new pieces to add to your lineup, lou lou Boutique has curated an amazing collection of festival-ready accessories that are perfect for rocking during those hot desert summer days and dancing all-night-long.

Embrace Some Flower Power

Festival season is a great time to connect back with nature, whether you opt to camp in the great outdoors for a long weekend or go barefoot in the grass as you bop along to some of your favorite tunes. Packing accessories that pay homage to the natural beauty that surrounds you is a sweet and lovely way to accent your look.

Woman models her sequined gold bracelet as part of her festival accessories Gray. embroidered floral hat Woman models her floral earrings as part of her festival accessories

We love discovering unique festival jewelry that features details that will turn heads. From sparkly cuffs to bohemian-inspired earrings and colorful Pura Vida floral rings, you will truly be a flower child in your best getup! Or why not top off your look with festival accessories like a cute (and practical) summer hat that features some stunning floral embroidery? It’ll keep the sun out of your eyes during those midday sets and tame your hair in that summer humidity!

Make Your Bag a Little Bit Boho

From your cell to your cash, lip gloss to chapstick, there are plenty of essentials that you’ll want on hand as you enjoy the festival crowd. Choosing a cute, comfortable, and practical festival handbag is an important choice! It can be the difference between clashing with your favorite outfits and hanging uncomfortably as you sing along and dance to your favorite band or being an absolute lifesaver. Even if you keep your festival jewelry to a minimum, trust us, a great bag is a must!

Woman models her straw purse as part of her festival accessories Woman models her tassel purse as part of her festival accessories Round, straw crossbody purse

This season, we’re all about boho-inspired crossbodies as our most-loved festival accessories. Crossbody designs are especially ideal for music festivals as they will keep both your hands-free (great for holding a drink or taking a selfie!) while keeping all of your essentials safe! For a trendy look that will go with anything in your closet, try a sturdy straw design that is chic and sunshine-ready. If you’re on the hunt for something a bit funkier, nothing has bohemian style like an effortlessly cool fringe-accented piece that screams 1970s style.

Get Stoned, Naturally

No, not like that! We’re abuzz this season about fantastic and unconventional festival jewelry that incorporates stunning natural stones. Whether you’re on the hunt for long, trendy statement necklaces or cute cuffs to add to your lineup of festival accessories, we have some amazing options that let these colorful natural stones steal the show.

Woman models her stone purple earrings as part of her festival accessories Gold stone bracelet Woman models her long stone necklace as part of her festival accessories

A pair of boho-inspired earrings that incorporate natural stones in shades like lavender or rose quartz are so unique, and the perfect way to showcase your individual style in a fun festival environment. Or you might choose festival accessories with dainty stone details and tassel accents for something chic that will move with you as you dance the night away. What’s so lovely about natural stones is the unique textures and color combinations that they provide. Be bold with vibrant choices like blue lapis, or go for a subtle ivory accent to complete your festival look. One of the simplest festival accessories you can choose is a classic gold cuff that uses natural stones to add some impeccable beauty to finish off your ensemble.

Chic Summer Hats

In addition to our must-have festival jewelry, we always are sure to pack lightweight hats to add something extra to our outfits. Keeping your head and face safely in the shade can be a lifesaver when you’re exposed to the beating sun all-day-long, so why not make these useful accessories another cute expression of your fabulous style?

Straw hat with black and white pom poms Blue straw hat Pink baseball cap

If you’re planning to go more casual with your festival looks, try adding a feminine and sassy baseball hat to your packing list. You can opt for a brighter, summer-ready color like hot pink to make a bold statement or go more understated with a more classic distressed style. For a timeless silhouette that’s universally flattering and fun to wear, try out a classic fedora or Panama hat style with a modern twist. These styles are among our favorite festival accessories and we like to mix things up by choosing designs that include fun details like pom poms on the brim or colorful shades that stand out in a crowd.

Woman models her sunglasses as part of her festival accessories Man models his sunglasses as part of his festival accessories

Throw Some Shade

If we were forced (against our will, of course) to choose just one accessory to keep on-hand during festival season, it would have to be sunglasses. Not only are there so many cute designs to choose from that can be worn for the best Instagram photos, but unlike with our beloved festival jewelry, sunnies truly do make a big difference in how we experience the festival. In addition to keeping us from squinting (stay away, wrinkles!) all-day-long, we can’t get enough of styling our outfits to match our sunglasses!

This season, our favorite sunglasses festival accessories are bold. That means our sunnies have colorful frames and other unique details that give off all summertime vibes. We’re digging the retro style of round sunglasses that look amazing on everyone and pairing them with more modern jewelry and apparel to create a fun contrast in our looks. For something slightly more understated, but oh-so-classic, wayfarer shades with colorful frames are another great choice that will never go out of style. From tinted lenses to the cutest cat-eyes, sunglasses are truly the perfect festival accessory!

Make this festival season one to remember with amazing curated new accessories and fashion jewelry that allow you to look your best while dancing the day (and night!) away! Shop lou lou Boutiques today and receive free shipping on orders +$40!

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