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Pashminas for Patients

lou lou boutiques would like to announce that we will be launching our Pashminas for Patients Project on May 1st. For every pashmina scarf purchased in stores or online during the month of May, lou lou will be donating one pashmina scarf to the Pashminas for Patients Project. Beneficiaries of this project will be cancer patients at Inova Fairfax Hospital and Howard County General Hospital.

Below, we’ll hear a story from Dani Reneé, @_itsdaniirenee, about her experience with colorful pashmina scarves, how they can truly make a difference in your life, and how to style them. We will then discuss exactly why pashminas scarves are ideal for patients, how to support Pashminas for Patients, and where you can find the best selection of pashmina scarves.

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 Dani Reneé - The Growing Girl

When lou lou boutiques reached out to me and explained their goal for the Pashminas for Patients Project, I knew right away that this was something I needed to be a part of.

As someone who’s had a rough journey on the road to self-acceptance, I know firsthand how important confidence is when learning to maintain a healthy mental space. Like many others, I've had my own issues with body image, especially concerning my hair, which I recently decided to cut. I felt as though I had grown too attached to it and consequently needed it to feel beautiful. Before mustering up the courage to finally part ways with it, I spent the last few years experimenting with different types and styles of head wraps. 

Playing around with new looks was fun, but I found the mental benefits of this creativity to be even more therapeutic. For the first time in a long time, I felt as though I could be seen as an individual separate from my hair. Wrapping it up in a pashmina scarf helped me focus on seeing myself as the true beauty that I am, despite society’s pressure to relate feminine beauty to the presence of Hollywood-worthy hair. With or without it, I knew that my beauty would always shine through as long as I tried my best to hold my spirits high and keep a positive outlook. Wrapping my hair with beautiful pashmina scarves available at lou lou boutiques helped me to do so in an inventive and stylish way.

All in all, taking a timeless accessory like the pashmina scarf and finding more versatile uses for it, can be extremely rewarding. I’m confident that lou lou boutiques’ wide variety of colorful, yet elegant pashminas will help bring the same sense of pride, self-acceptance, and confidence I experienced to those patients who receive them! Pashmina scarves have made an overall impact on my life and I'm so glad to be able to share my experience and be a part of this Pashminas for Patients Project!


 How to Style Pashmina Scarves?

Considering I have one in almost every color, I can find a scarf for pretty much any occasion. I tend to look at things like color and outfit choice when picking the perfect pashmina scarf for business events, casual days, and even lounging around the house. Call me picky, but I’m a firm believer that choosing a relevant colored pashmina scarf and the right knot style are the key to proper accessorizing. 

For casual outing where you want to look relaxed but still chic, try the "halo wrap" in a subtle, neutral color. This is my go-to look! When I'm lounging around the house with friends or family, a "side-knot" in cool, light colors often does the trick. Personally, I think that "back-knots" in any color work great for sporty activities like yoga or going to the gym. 

 Pashminas for Patients     Patients

If it’s date night or I'm dressing to impress, the “badu wrap,” named after the legendary Erykah Badu, never fails to add a layer of classy sophistication to my outfit. For this style, I typically go for rich, deep colors such as shades of red or navy blue. When in doubt, the classic forward knot, which rests elegantly above the forehead, is the perfect and safest choice for any occasion.

When it comes to learning how to execute the different styles, YouTube was my best friend. The different styles can be slightly tricky at first, and some are harder than others. I'd say the classic forward knot is the easiest, while the badu knot takes a few solid tries to get right. Nevertheless, once I got it, I never lost it. Remember practice makes perfect!


Why are Pashmina Scarves Ideal for Cancer Patients?

There are many patients in hospitals with cold heads due to chemotherapy or other medical treatments. lou lou boutiques wants to do something to change the daily uncomfortable feeling and bring a little style to their hospital attire!

Pashmina scarves are ideal for patients, both inspiring their stylishness and confidence. “A donation of a pashmina scarf is one small way that we can give back to the brave patients fighting to get well. Pashmina scarves come in different colors and can be styled in many ways to keep patients warm while brightening their day! Most of all, we would like the patients to know that we admire their strength and are thinking of them throughout their hospital stay,” Tara Wegdam, owner of lou lou shares.


How Can You Support the Pashminas for Patients Project?

lou lou boutiques knows that each pashmina scarf will bring joy and bright color to each patient’s hospital attire! The success of this project will lead to expanding the Pashminas for Patients Project to other hospitals in the future.

This year, pashmina scarves collected will be distributed to Inova Fairfax Hospital, Fairfax, Virginia and Howard County General Hospital, Columbia, Maryland, at the beginning of June.

Progress will be updated weekly on our Instagram, @loulouboutiques and Facebook page, @shoploulouboutiques. Visit the lou lou website, www.loulouboutiques.com, to check out the Pashmina Scarves Collection page and support the Pashminas for Patients Project.


Where to Find the Best Selection Pashminas Scarves?

At lou lou boutiques we offer a great variety of classic colors and spring/summer pastels to choose from! Check out the selection of different colors in stores or online at www.loulouboutiques.com.

When you purchase your pashmina scarf in stores, write a little inspirational message for the patient that will be receiving the donated pashmina scarf!

Buy a pashmina scarf for your mom this Mother’s Day! She is sure to love this sentimental gift and find joy in the fact that your purchase is making a difference in a patient’s life at Inova Fairfax and Howard County General Hospital.



April 19, 2018 — Tara Wegdam


Kathryn Bailey said:

Hello Tara
Wonderful idea!! Young lady is beautiful.
I was wondering if you might include Washington Cancer Institute At MedStar Hospital Center?
We have a rather large breast cancer population.
Thank you

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