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A Splash of Springtime Fashion

It’s springtime in the States, and while the calendar marks our sunny weather and often beckons good hair days, there are still times in between where we have to make do with the elements. A fashion statement begins the minute you walk out the door. Take a look at our quick guide for every girl’s essential rainy day outfit. These cute rainy day outfit pieces help you to feel posh amidst the mud and walk confidently in your unique glamor.

An Umbrella Can Be an Oh-So-Chic Shelter Rainy Day Outfit Accessory

Before you trot in the puddles, take a look at some vibrant poppy hues to upgrade your rainy day blues. Boring colors are no fun! It’s time to investigate more vibrant shades for your rainy day outfit before dodging the drops. These are the top statement colors that go very well with your cute rainy day outfit, particularly if they are paired with a more neutral shade:

  • Poppy Red.
  • Gold.
  • Cobalt Blue.
  • Petal Pink.
  • Electric Yellow.

  • cute rainy day outfits

    Gear Up in Wonderful Wellies.

    Finding the perfect pair of rain boots may remind you of your childhood days splashing in the rain, but the fun doesn’t have to stop now! There are many beautifully made booties that are wonderfully resistant to the rain.

    You can always pick the classic high-rise rain boots for full coverage, or you can add a more modern twist to your rainy day outfit by seeking a shorter trim. Finding fun colors is always a plus, but you can even turn this rain gear into a high fashion piece by keeping the colors in your outfit simple and strong with shades of black or navy blue.

    rainy day outfits Drawstring jacketrainy day outfits Drawstring jacket chambray

    Find a Top Notch Trench Coat.

    While a rain jacket holds up better in treacherous conditions, a high-quality trench will do for running out the door in the rain. Our Lightweight drawstring trench style jacket is easy to add on to your rainy day outfits and makes a great closet staple. Staying subtle with a light beige is awesome, or you can add more dimension to your super cute rainy day outfit with drawstring trenches in light mocha or vivid chambray options.

    lurex lightweight scarf rainy day outfitslurex lightweight scarf rainy day outfits

    Lookout for a Lightweave Scarf.

    A beautiful scarf is a great addition to all seasons and any wardrobe situation. The most important thing is to find the appropriate texture for the most befitting weather conditions. Springtime in particular calls for a scarf with lighter fabrics like our KW Lurex Weave Scarf or a light linen scarf for rainy day outfits and sunshine ensembles alike. It makes for an easy escape when the rain pours – just wrap your scarf around your head and voila!


    Double Up with a Durable Raincoat.

    Sometimes you have to go all out (or stay indoors) when it comes to the inclement weather conditions. An important rainy day outfit basic to have is a high-quality raincoat for those extra wet days. The cool part about this piece is that you can go undercover chic with simple colors like black, or you can take your cute rainy day outfit to the max with high fashion clear and translucent looks. Wear over your favorite, comfy hooded tee, and you’re sure to take those rainy day cozy feels with you everywhere you go!

    Don’t Let the Weather Get in Your Way.

    Looking chic is an attitude. No matter the weather conditions, you can always look and feel your best no matter the elements. Stock up on fashion boutique essentials and cute rainy day outfit pieces like a classic trench or raincoat, and make certain to have a sturdy umbrella on hand for the occasional downpours. Whether you choose bold colors like radiant red or stick with the cool chic of beige, the best rainy day outfit look is your authentic self. Stay dry and stay you!

    March 06, 2019 — Tara Wegdam

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