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Styled by Tara: How do you stack up?

Tara Wegdam

Posted on May 25 2017

Bracelet stacking is almost a right of passage to summertime: that first hint of warm weather, with thoughts of sundresses and shorts and vacation packing on your mind your accessories start to take on a more light, fun vibe. Nothing says carefree beach vacation like a bunch of beaded and stacked pull-tie bracelets, maybe with a few thin bangles thrown in for good measure. I think it goes back to the old-school friendship bracelets...picking out the threads, making special patterns for your best friends and swapping reminds you of summer, right?

I also think it’s something about the colors. Adding a colorful bracelet or two to your wrist isn’t a huge commitment, it’s fun and carefree. And if you are like me (not wanting to remove jewelry before swimming and showering) a perfect way to achieve this look is by wearing Pura Vida bracelets. These woven, waxed-cotton pull tie bracelets come in a rainbow of colors and have a laid-back beach-y feel; in fact “pura vida” is Spanish for “real life” and can be worn as a reminder to live life to the fullest!

Bracelets from Lokai are another style to incorporate. The original Lokai is all about balance, containing mud from the dead sea and water from Mount Everest. The company puts out several special edition bracelets and colors per year, each benefiting a charity cause.

Another classic is our Aid Through Trade roll-on bracelet, benefitting artisans in Nepal. Made with high-quality glass beads and hand-dyed cotton thread, you’ll be amazed that these styles fit everyone! I love the way the light reflects off the beads to add a little shimmer and a lot of color.

Don’t fear stacking these fun bracelets among your classic styles, either. The colors and textures are an easy update for your classic staple pieces.

Let us help you stack your style and choose between the myriad of ways to personalize your arm party. It’s a fun way to show your personality and express yourself through fashion! Don’t forget to follow us @loulouboutiques for styling tips and special offers.

Tara D Wegdam

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  • Karen dismukes: October 27, 2017

    Twd brand seems to be my favorite at loulou. Much more stylish

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