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I love a layered look, which is why our classic shawl vest has been one of my favorite accessories in our stores right now. For just $39 you can style it in a variety of ways, and it is by far the most flattering and versatile wearable I’ve ever encountered.




For those of you struggling with what to get your best friend, sister, mom and/or coworker, this is a rare item that is applicable to all of these gifting scenarios.


Scarf Pin 


If you want to add a more personalized touch, include one of our scarf pins or one of our exclusive ADA leather wrap belts. These fun add-on allow your gift recipient to create even more looks from this wardrobe multitasker.




Along similar lines, we introduced the coatigan this year. It’s a coat/cardigan that combines the best attributes of both; you get a warm, sweater-like feel with coat-like styling. I wear mine all the time and can tell you it’s far more chic and comfortable than sitting around in your coat all day trying to stay warm and be productive.

Our offices tend to be cold, and part of the time I’m in our warehouse, where the extra layer is paramount! I would have liked to have owned this item when I was a college student, it’s perfect for being on-the-go but relaxed enough to be entirely comfortable. Wear it alone and it’s more like a cardigan; add a scarf and the look becomes more polished, coming off more like a coat. Long, short or hooded, we have several styles and colors to accommodate your (or your gift recipient’s) personal style. 


Fashionably yours,

Tara D. Wegdam lou lou, co-owner



December 20, 2016 — Tara Wegdam


c.j.cunningham said:

coat is beautiful! Thank you. c.j.

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