We all know that July 4th is our country’s celebration of its independence. Most of us celebrate with friends and family. Whether you’re boating, enjoying cocktails by the pool or soaking up the sun beach side, you can always show your stars and stripes! I love to rock a fun American flag inspired accessory over this holiday! We have some great pieces to help showcase your patriotism. 

You can’t beat $16! 

I always wear sunglasses outside, cloudy or not. Why not sport a red, white and blue pair? We have some aviator and wayfarer styles by Blue Planet that just arrived! They are a great alternative to your old standbys. 

I normally travel over the 4th, but this year I’m staying home and grilling out on my newly renovated porch! For those of you who are going out of town, don’t forget to take a tote bag. We have a great American Flag straw bag with drawstring top, perfect for the pool, beach or backyard barbeque. It’s roomy enough to hold your towel, sunscreen and then some!

Speaking of barbecue, I always find it hard to follow the time while outside. I can’t grill and hold my iPhone simultaneously. When wearing a sundress, I always misplace my phone because I have nowhere to keep it. It’s so helpful to wear a watch because of these dilemmas. A great one to accessorize with is our classy watch in bright blue. It’s a little oversized and easy to tell time with, just how I like them.

We also have a great new stars and stripes scarf! My favorite way to wear it is at a beach or pool cover up. If you hold it behind you, cross it in front, then tie behind your neck, you have a flag sarong!</>

You’d be surprised how cute these patriotic pieces are. I hope you have a fabulous July 4th while wearing them!

With Optimism,