Meet our newest exclusive: LOU

Meet our newest exclusive: LOU

Our customers have asked us over and over, “Is there anything in here for men?” so we are excited to announce the creation of LOU: style for men.
LOU represents a team of doers, artists, sportsmen, adventurous travelers and businessmen. Men who have a common appreciation for quality and style. The LOU brand is a little extra and a lot less ordinary. It includes affordable products for everyday needs and the latest fashion accessories and gadgets.
It is a lifestyle brand including wrap bracelets with rugged details to layer with a favorite watch:


The perfect scotch glass set along with whiskey rocks: 


And the clever Pocket Monkey multi-tool sure to help you navigate a tough situation:


LOU fosters creative self-expression and any of the items will make the perfect gift for the man in your life. This Valentine’s day, treat him to something special from your favorite stores. Maybe it’s just a token of your appreciation as he patiently waits on you to finish shopping! Either way it is sure to be appreciated.

Make an Edgy Statement with Bib Necklaces

Talk about a statement maker! Edgy and on-trend, our cool bib necklaces are definitely some of this season’s top of-the-moment picks. Our Marija Statement Necklace is both feminine and chic. Featuring intricate detailing and dazzling gemstones, it’s simply the perfect way to shine this fall. Everything about the bright design of this necklace screams notice-me, from every dangling teardrop accent to the colorful array of stones. Bundle up with a mock-neck sweater for chilly temps, but don't be afraid to show off your style with our Marija Statement Necklace.


Gorgeous and eye-catching, the Gabriela Beaded Necklace is a guaranteed way to turn heads this fall. This vintage-inspired piece features feminine details, including delicate rhinestones and colorful beaded gems. Pair with a neutral sweater and pencil skirt for office wear, or team with a dress for a playful weekend look. Or, go global with an eclectic, well-traveled vibe by pairing with a well-loved vest and suede boots. Add a pair of over sized sunglasses and you'll look ready to jet set. The Gabriela Beaded Necklace might look like royal jewels, but don’t worry, it’s simply perfect for everyday wear.

Let some sunshine into your wardrobe with some of these fun statement accessories. One of our most versatile pieces to date, our new Valeria Necklace comes in both silver and gold color options. With an edgy fringed design, this must-have necklace can been worn oh-so-many ways. Adjust for a longer length to dip lower in the front for a laid-back, boho vibe, or wrap around for a choker style. Add to any look for an instant upgrade. Shimmer in so many ways with our Valeria Necklace, an on-trend pick which lines up perfectly with this season's Seventies trend. It’s officially time to bring your closet up to date with these of-the-moment finds.

Fall Head Over Heels For Our Hats and Accessories

Get ahead of the game with this season’s must-have accessories. Let your hair loose in the breeze and rock our Modern Floppy Fedora. Retro-inspired, this autumn staple can work in so many ways. Style with a long duster cardigan layered over a dress for an edgy yet cool look. Vintage vixens can take solace with our Floppy Fedora. Team with a jumpsuit and stacked heels for a refreshing ensemble.

Classic and cute, our Big Brim Fedora is an easy pick for grab-and-go style. Pair with a tee and jeans when you’re headed to class, or add with dress for weekend wear. Take on the seventies trend with our Boulder Felt Fedora. The oversized brim adds intrigue, while the braided leather accent lends a sense of Western charm. Channel retro glamour with our Floppy Felt Hat, an instant classic that’s ready to go. Opt for a maxi dress for a subtle yet sleek look. If you’re in a rush, toss on our Wool Panama Hat to cure any Monday blues.

Keep things under wraps this season with our Oversized Shawl. With an on-trend cocoon silhouette, you’ll want to wear this comfy piece everywhere. Go bold with our Poncho Scarf, featuring an all-over print. This statement caplet is on point with this season’s top trends. Cold temps can’t come close with our beautifully draped Ruana Scarf. A classic staple, our Blanket Scarf gives us a warm, snugly feeling. It’s time to make a set of high-impact looks with our modern fall essentials.
October 05, 2015 — 99MediaLab Collaborator

Back to School

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year...”—No, not because football season has started (well maybe it is! All HAIL to the lovely BURGUNDY and GOLD of course ;) lol—but because it’s back to school time and the fall fashion season has begun! I look forward to the new trends every year, and I must say these fall/winter trends did not disappoint. Plaids, back packs and Wool Panama Hats oh my! I’m in fashion heaven. Luckily for you, we have them all and much more!
First, I can’t stop gushing over the oversized Jade Scarf that are on everyone’s MUST HAVE list. This scarf is everything you need and more. It comes in all different colors and prints, but of course my absolute FAVORITE is the plaid print. It’s traditional, classic and can be worn with any outfit. Plaid tends to make an appearance every fall season but this year it’s bigger than ever and I couldn’t be more excited!


The Blanket Scarf is all the rage and it’s mostly because of its versatility. One of my favorite ways to wear it is with an oversized kilt pin. Yes, ladies, a kilt pin! For those looking for a different way to pin your scarf aside from using a traditional brooch, this is an affordable yet trending way to do so! After purchasing you’re newly sought after blanket scarf, you MUST pair it with a Wool Panama Hat, Fringe Back Pack and Skinny Leather Belt.




Ladies, when I tell you this belt is AMAZING it is simply just that! It clinches your waist right where you want it, giving you a very flattering look. Im all for the best look to show off my waist line haha! You will fall in love with this look and not to mention each accessory in and of itself! Trust me, having these three items for your fall wardrobe are essential for any lou lou fashionista. Make sure you check out our website to see the many ways to wear the blanket scarf along with all the new arrivals for fall!
Xoxo Kelli

4 Ways to Accessorize Your Outfit

    Are you looking for a great way to accessorize your outfit? Look no further. Here are four of my favorite ways to accessorize your outfits!
    1.  Structured Crossbodies
    There’s nothing more classic and chic than a demure structured crossbody handbag. Box bags are the hottest accessories for fall 2015 and have made an appearance at every recent fashion event. From classic and chic to loud and bold, these box bags can add sophistication and elegance or scream out loud as a bold statement piece. From Michael Kors to Rebecca Minkoff, they are all over the place!

    Snag our very own Kasey Crossbody, or our fabulous Heather Crossbody in canary yellow (fall’s hottest color – Hello!—where have you been!?) from our Online Boutique to add a bold and modern sleek sophistication to your outfit!


    2. Circular Shades


    Can you say Ooh-La –La! This vintage staple has made a recent come back and can be seen all over the runways. Round shades are the go-to for this fall and oh so tres chic you’ll have to snag yourself a pair!
    3. Statement Jewelry

    There’s nothing like a bold statement necklace, bracelet or earrings to take your outfit to the next level. Bold accessories have been absolutely everywhere from Paris to Milan to NYC! Snatch up a bold accessory to take your outfit to greater heights! Be brave! Be bold! Make a statement! From colorful and outrageous to mute and classic, these pieces will make you the talk of the town – and in a good way!


    4. Structured Topper
    There’s nothing like adding a structured topper to your outfit to really make you stand out. Velvet and felt are the fabrics for fall and we are going bananas for the bold and beautiful hats that we’ve seen gracing the fall/winter runways this season! This accessory can be so unbelievably versatile! Pair them with a long boho skirt and a fringe handbag or with jeans and a tank for a go to look for fall! This look is classy and chic and you’ll look absolutely to die for!

    Get Stacked!

    Bracelet: an ornamental band or circlet for the wrist or arm or, sometimes, for the ankle.

    A great way to change your look from day to day is with bracelets! Depending on my mood, I wear anything from beaded, to bangles, to leather versions of this fantastic accessory. We have hundreds to choose from online and in store. Stacking these great pieces of jewelry on your wrist is a must do! We have several styles to wear depending on the look you want to achieve.
    A great group of bracelets, rich in color and texture, to wear during this transitional time from summer to fall are the following: Amethyst wire bracelet, touch of gold wrap bracelet, and the circle bangle bracelet in antique gold. This trio looks fabulous!! Amethyst is my birthstone and I love this purple color. This is a casual look that can be pulled off by anyone. I love the antique gold which is a huge trend for jewelry this fall!
    Amethyst wire& touch of gold wrap & circle bangle bracelet


    Another lighter but luxe look is grouping the following: Quartz stone wire bracelet in orange, three fleur bracelet in brown, and the seed bead stretchy bracelet in gold. These look gorgeous together! I love how expensive this combination looks, yet each cost $18 and under! This also can be worn now and into the fall season. It would look great with a chunky, ivory knit sweater and jeans.


    Lets step it up a notch! Heading to a cocktail party? The following assortment looks extravagant: Tassel cuff bracelet, two twisted wire bangles with square stones, the wire bangle with square buckle stone and the white savoie bracelet. What a beautiful mix these make!


    These suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg. We have so many bracelets to choose from. There is no wrong way to stack them! Find your personal style through this easy trend for all ages.

    With Optimism, Pamela