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"Darlings, forget the diamonds.  When traveling, lou lou is a girl's best friend!"
Our featured expert this month is Karen Klopp, the author What to Wear Where and founder of
Karen Klopp - The Author and The Founder of  What to Wear Where
With a backdrop of Manhattan and a background as a writer, documentary film producer, life-long conservationist, traveler, board member for various organizations, chair of countless events and wife and mother of three, Karen has participated in almost every kind of event that a woman experiences in her life. It’s with all this fabulous practice that she founded What2WearWhere to save today’s busy women their precious time by eliminating the stress of dressing for life’s events and travel!
Karen has also published Packing for Travel, the definitive globe-trotting guide. In it, she addresses the important topic of how and what to bring when it comes to packing your jewelry. We are thrilled that she is sharing her expertise with us!
According to Karen, there is a minimum number of pieces to pack. Obviously you can add to the list depending on your needs and your events list. Lightweight statement jewelry provides great impact and takes up little space in your bag. There are many useful jewelry snugs on the market, and lou lou offers a few different options:
Jewelry travel case - $21
Jewelry snug $29 - this one is specially designed to keep your delicate pieces tangle free!
Below is a lightweight bag that has become a favorite of ours for travel. The Tosca day bag is a steal at $39!
In Packing for Travel, Karen suggests the following must-haves :
Jewelry packing list - DAY
  • hoop earrings - Erica hoop earrings $15

  • small studs - our Anytime pearl studs go with any outfit and take up almost no space at all $10

Dainty Pearl Studs

  • bracelet - Touch of Gold wrap bracelet $22


  • pendant necklace - La Vie Parisienne Necklace $50

  • all-purpose watch - Roman numeral watch $25

Jewelry packing list - NIGHT
  • statement earrings - Katerina drop earrings $15

  • large cuff bracelet - 11 layer cuff $20

  • dramatic necklace - Evangeline necklace $60

Thanks to Karen's tips, you can be packed and ready for your next adventure in no time!
Follow Karen’s travels at and to get her definitive guide to packing packing follow the link: