Summer Hats

Pools, BBQ’s and beaches are just some of the many summer activities we all love to enjoy as soon as the hot weather breaks. One very important accessory that is a MUST HAVE while participating in these events is your summer hat! Whether it be the classic fedora, baseball cap, your traditional sunhat, Panama hat or summer beanie, wearing your favorite hat will complete any outfit all while protecting yourself from the sun in a very stylish way.

My personal favorites are the summer beanies and the Panama style hat. While for most beanies are thought to be worn only during the winter time, but for this Spring/Summer they have had a major impact. With various prints and colors, they’re fun for any causal look. One that I absolutely adore is the Hawaiian Beanie with the pineapple print. It’s on trend with tropical theme for spring/summer!

Next up is the Miami Mama Panama hat. It has a wider brim and is structured just a little differently than a fedora.


While the Panama hat has been around for years, its heightened popularity has become more prominent these last couple of years and it’s truly a must have for your summer wardrobe.

The Panama and summer beanie maybe my two personal favorites but we can’t forget the classics! 

Your traditional Kentucky Derby Sun Hat like can be worn by any and on many occasions. 


If you’re lounging by the pool or just enjoying a nice stroll in your neighborhood, any sun hat with a nice large brim will block you from those sun rays ;)

Lastly, but certainly not least is the fedora. You can never go wrong with wearing a fedora!


The Fedora - Summer Hat

This hat is unisex and can be worn by male or female. Get creative and buy a fedora with a different color ribbon like coral or turquoise. A great fedora to buy is the straw fedora from our website that is available in various colors.

As we all begin to prepare for all these fun summer activities, don’t forget your favorite summer must haves like all our great summer hats on the lou lou website!



June 18, 2015 — 99MediaLab Collaborator