This season has been all about the arm candy!


Beautiful Watches
One of the most popular trends this season has been all about the arm candy. Mixing and matching metals with beaded bracelets, stacking multiple bracelets at once, and my personal favorite the new reinvented watches! Not only are the watches bigger and bolder with color, but now the designs include prints and much more! On our website and in store, we brought in a new collection of watches to our customers. We wanted to give various options of style, size, and color for everyone and it has been a huge hit!
Were so used to wearing the same metal or leather watch every day that it doesnt even come to mind to switch it up! I know for me before we began carrying these watches I stuck to my everyday gold or rose gold metal watch. But now that I have all these options, its fun to mix it up a bit!
 A personal fav of mine is the colorful Aztez watch in coral. The Aztec print is so on trend right now and for the fall. So it’s a great transitional watch! Coral is always a good choice when picking a color. It’s vibrant and matches with just about everything. This watch can be worn in both the summer and fall season, that way you dont have to worry about packing it up quit yet!


Colorful Aztez Watch in Coral



Next we have the denim polka dot watch. First of all, I love pretty much anything denim. Add the fabric to a watch and Im pretty much in love! While polka dots may not be for everyone, the subtleness of print mix with the denim fabric - it’s a perfect match!





So okay, I stated before that I am a neutral girl and am obsessed with all neutral colors. I couldnt write this blog without naming probably one of the coolest watches on the site. This watch is the butterfly watch. The watch face entails a gold butterfly silhouette with a white band. This watch could be worn with EVERY outfit and every day!



Shop online and in store to see the various colors, styles and prints. Its a fun new trend to change up your everyday basic watch! Once you buy one it wont be enough, youll eventually want them all!! ;)


Xoxo, Kelli