Your cute airport outfits are only as stylish as the accessories you wear with them. Traveling comfortably involves dressing well and bringing along helpful items that will ease your journey. lou lou boutiques has a list of irresistible airport outfit ideas, along with the unique accessories you need to take your travel looks to sky-high levels!

Our Fav Airport Outfits & Cute Accessories

A Stylish Sleep Mask

Cute, travel accessories are no-brainers, and it's even better if they're practical. A sleep mask might not be your first thought as you accessorize your cute airport outfit, but we promise that it will come in handy on those long flights. Heck, it's helpful to have for layovers and long waits, too! With a sleep mask, you don't have to worry about the garish fluorescent lighting at the airport or the airplane neighbor who just will not close the window shade (or stop talking!)

To help soothe skin at high-altitudes (and look stylish while doing it), choose a satin or silk sleep mask. Both materials are gentle and soft, and they're less likely to leave marks on your skin. Not to mention if any of your hair gets stuck to your face, it won't be all frizzy and weird when you wake up! Perfect for leaving a redeye flight refreshed and looking fabulous!

A woman holds a perforated backpack carry-on bag and models an airport outfit idea.

A Magic Bag

Oh, the woes of carry-on luggage! It's impossible to talk about airport outfit ideas without discussing the importance of the perfect bag. Depending on what you want to keep with you on the plane, a large, cute handbag may help you to avoid some of those carry-on regulations. In fact, with the right bag, you can pack a small, carry-on-size suitcase so that you don't have to deal with baggage claim.

The perfect airport bag will be different for each individual, but in general, it needs to have space to spare. A spacious fashion tote bag is the most fashionable option, but a laptop bag/boutique backpack combo looks and works great, too!

A woman models an airport outfit idea.

A Jacket for Layering

Your cute airport outfit should ideally be composed of layers. It's impossible to predict the temperature at the airport or on the plane. On long flights, in particular, you can almost guarantee that the plane will either begin to resemble a sauna or an arctic tundra at some point.

See why layering is important when thinking of airport outfit ideas? You may not want to wear a bulky coat on your travels, but a hoodie, denim jacket, or boutique sweater is just right. Both are lightweight, easy to put on and remove, and they're low-key statement pieces. A plain jacket can anchor your airport outfit, but a colorful or printed hoodie form your favorite cute clothing store can take it to the next level. You won't be stuck with a heavy jacket, but you won't find yourself getting the chills and wishing for a coat, either.

A metallic wheat-printed scarf coiled in a spiral.

The Coziest, Most Comfortable Scarf

It's not a bad idea to frame your airport outfit ideas around your accessories, especially if they help with layering. Just as a hoodie is essential, you might consider wearing a stylish scarf to the airport, as well.

Thick scarves aren't a great option mainly because they can get too bulky and hot. A soft, semi-lightweight fashion scarf will serve you better. Not only does it look sensational, but once you're on the plane, you can use it to wrap your hair or cover your face. Going a step further, you can even fold it up and use it as a pillow if it comes to that. A voluminous scarf can even do double-duty as a light throw blanket when you need to wrap up a bit more against the sky-high chills.

A Cosmetics Case for All Your Must-Haves

What will make your cute airport outfit look even cuter? A fresh face of makeup, of course! For that reason, you need a travel case for all the cosmetics you need to bring with you. In a perfect world, the perfect cosmetics case will also fit in your carry-on so that you can keep it on the plane.

You may not want to get all made up before you take off which we completely understand. Who has time for that when you have a 6:00 AM flight? Keep your makeup with you in a compact carrying case, however, and you can duck into the plane's powder room before you land to freshen up a bit and travel in style. Failing that, you can also pop into the restroom as soon as you land to apply some blush and mascara before embarking on your adventure.

A pair of pale pink oxfords sit against a modern white background.

The Perfect Pair of Shoes

Think long and hard about your shoes as you consider airport outfit ideas. There's no way you can run through the airport to catch a connecting flight in a pair of heels. Wear comfortable shoes to the airport and on the plane. Remember that “comfortable” doesn't mean “unfashionable,” either! Go athleisure with high-fashion sneakers or slip into pretty ballet flats. Boots will do the trick, too, as long as they don't have a heel. Although you never want to parade around with your bare feet on a plane, you can think about bringing along a pair of slippers.

The Travel Pillow of Your Dreams

While it's not strictly part of your cute airport outfit, a travel pillow is a must-have. Don't rely on the pillows available on the plane. Ensure that you can have a comfortable rest while you travel. That's one way to guarantee that you still look super cute when you land!

Find everything you need for your cute airport outfits at lou lou boutiques! Take a second to sign up with us before your next travel adventure. You can score 10% off your first order! Happy travel, ladies!

January 13, 2020 — Tara Wegdam

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