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Trending Hairstyles: Buzzworthy Summer Hair Trends We Can’t Stop Talking About

: Woman surrounded by greenery tosses her Summer fashion seeks simplicity in all forms this season. Whether you reach for some casual jean shorts or deck out in a delightful goddess-like full-length dress, these trending hairstyles can amp up or accentuate any outfit for any occasion. Many of these looks reminisce on posh ‘60s styles and wavy ‘70s vibes. Not only are these summer hair trends an extension of your personal style, but they also offer a more artful way to explore new potential looks! Explore these top 5 summer hair trends and experiment with what styles suit your beautiful self best!

Our Favorite Trending Summer Hairstyles:

Woman rocks this summer’s hair trend with a top knot bun.

Top Notch Top Knots

Top knots are the trending hairstyle that never go out of style. Buns are always a beautiful way to elevate your everyday style. They can completely dress up a look or become a simple, quick fix to any “bad hair day” moment. The top knot often adds a more relaxed feel and balance to a structured look such as clean cut a blazer and slacks. But there are no rules with this summer hair trend -- just grab your favorite no-rip hair tie and go with what feels good!

Woman models velvet scrunchies as part of this season’s trending hairstyles. floral scrunchie tie scarf


Scrunchies for On-the-Go Fashion Feels

Scrunchies may have gotten a bad rap in the ‘80s for being a lazy-girl fashion go-to, but they are making a high fashion comeback in this summer’s hair trends. With so many gorgeous styles and colors to choose from, you can now take this trending hairstyle accessory to the next level. Brands like Kitsch have come up with some beautiful looks including velvet scrunchies in pretty pastels and subtle matte styles.

P.S. Look to scarf scrunchies for a more bohemian vibe to match your favorite pair of jeans or an elegant sundress!


 Collection of Kitsch mini-hair

Subtle Hair Accessories

A huge trending hairstyle accessory in the ‘60s, barrettes have definitely made a comeback! Sliding your hair back with a delicate clip is an elegant way to update your hairdo while on-the-go. Whether you pull your strands aside with a Kitsch miniclip, or even go for full-on indie vibes with flowers in your hair, adding hair accessories can create an entirely new look that is totally in line with this summer’s hair trends.

Woman with red hair pulled back in messy ponytail.

Let Your Ponytail Go Wild

While the traditional ponytail is a lovely look that really never goes out of fashion, this trending hairstyle update takes your tail to the wild side of this summer’s hair trends. Simply add a little volume and texture with some mousse or hairspray, tease the tail, and voila – your pony will be rocking, ready, and up-to-date with everything trending this summer!

: Woman staring off into distance models sleek, trending hair 

Keep it Sleek with Glossy Locks

One of the fastest ways to walk straight into a trending runway hairstyle is to straighten your hair (and gloss it up too!) Sleek, straightened hair goes great with formal outfits, especially for a date night or dinner with friends. Prep your hair for the flat iron by finding an all-natural hair mask. Adding a little bit of coconut oil to your damp hair is also a great way to keep your strands ultra hydrated before adding heat! Top it all off with a great hair gel to seal in the hair cuticles, and you’ll have that ultimate polished look. You can also change up this trending hairstyle by going for the “wet look.” Simply dampen your hair and comb it back, adding just enough gel to keep your locks slicked back and in place.

With these easy and super cute summer hair trends, you’ll be glowing it up in the sun in no time! So #doyouloulou and don’t forget to shop lou lou Boutiques for all the super-stylish hair accessories you might need to pull off this season’s latest trending hairstyles!

May 14, 2019 — Tara Wegdam

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