If you're planning on watching the Grammys, Lady Gaga will be performing a tribute to the iconic David Bowie, a man that encompassed and evolved into so many versions of himself throughout time. He intertwined music and fashion in such a beautiful and inspiring way, with a little help from his friends. 

People have asked why it would be Lady Gaga. She wasn't just influenced by David Bowie as most of us were; she can wear anything, belt it out and she exemplifies the anticipation and excitement for the celebration of a great savant's life. Hearts will race and embrace all that she will do and wear, and let's never forget that one cannot pay proper tribute to Bowie in one style - in all meaning - alone.
Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and The Labyrinth that was David Bowie ​did not hide their sparkle when entering the musical space. Lady Gaga transformed herself into what the public wanted and needed and what she needed to create the art in a way that a person like Bowie had done, and paved the way for an appreciation of all that is multifaceted in design. They are David and Stefani and that glam and glitter is a real expression of the enigmatic figures that they are, and their awareness of the blending of fun statement looks that bring out another version of their presented personas​​. 

Where speaking in the present tense, Bowie/Stardust/Sane is well alive and fashion and spirited creativity he shared will never die and the world is a better place for having had someone that so appreciated art that he made the world stare.  We're all still looking and will be intently during Gaga's performance. 

Here's a special lou lou boutique tribute to ​these stars and how we'll be enjoying watching this and the show on February 15th of this year:
Enigma / Enigmatic Artist

Many will have Sparkle Lips as we watch this year in our black braided leather headband with gold studs. The lightning bolt that Ziggy Stardust made infamous may be found on our faces, or it may just be on our necks if we don't choose to wear the orange tiny star, a nod to his last album and the color he chose for his last exhibit that still tours the world and is beyond words.
Timewarp / Nod to Time Past

Though it's but February, pastel green is already in, and Gaga knew as well as Bowie from years past. The pastel green poncho is a look that others will wear whilst paying tribute to this great moment when the two sang together (and predictably by this lou lou, they will find a way to do that with technology and possibly even a hologram this year). Gaga will add sparkle with hoop earrings that were as stylish in the 70s as now if she sports this color, with great joy.
Whether or not they have always had personal peace these two icons have always espoused that ideal and found it through serious expression and joyful smiles. The vintage shades are said to make Gaga feel comfortable in a limelight that one can have a hard time adjusting to and helps her feel as though she is still and always be herself in her various creations, and Bowie certainly didn't hide anything but wished that he could and found comfort in scarves that made him feel secure and quite like he embraced all versions of him.
We'll be doing so, possibly in these fabulous vintage shades if we get a bit emotional and want to hide the cheerful sadness and most definitely in one of the many scarves to choose from as he did. 

This will be a show to remember and he is the alien man that we will never forget. Get ready for someone the world wasn't prepared for now will never forget. And get excited, because this is going to be a smashing celebration!
February 12, 2016 — 99MediaLab Collaborator


A.T. said:

Awesome piece of blog!!!

Isla Axelrod said:

Cheers, Akhil! I’ll make sure to include bracelets include the next few posts; we have so many beauties! Enjoy the show tonight!

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