Local Boutique Retail + Small Local Business = Community

Tara and Ben Wegdam, owners of boutique retail stores under the banners lou lou, Crème de la Crème, Zest and Brick and Mortar, are announcing the second Local Partnership Day on August 18.

On Local Partnership day, each boutique will be hosting a local artisan or vendor of locally made products. This event will allow costumers direct access and interaction with small independent artists and entrepreneurs to support small business in our neighborhoods and communities. Please see attached a list of local partners.

“Joining forces with local entrepreneurs and artists provides an opportunity for our customers to shop local and support their business. Together with these partners we represent the grassroots of America,” according to Ben Wegdam.

Please join us on August 18th in all of our stores as we host our Local Partners.

West Federal Retail (WFR) is the owner of the retail concepts that are participating in the Local Partnership Day. WFR operates four popular retail concepts, Crème de la Crème, a European style home goods concept, Zest, a ladies clothing concept, Lou Lou, a popular accessories retailer, and Brick and Mortar, a local gift store based in Leesburg, VA.

West Federal Retail is privately owned by Tara and Ben Wegdam and headquartered out of Middleburg, VA. All together the Company operates 34 boutique locations across the East Coast and serves its store out of its warehouse in Sterling, VA. More information on the company can be found on our websites www.loulouboutiques.com, www.shopcremedelacreme.com, www.justbrickandmortar.com and www.zestclothingandco.com.

Please contact Michelle McNaughton by phone 540-878-3232 or email mmcnaughton@westfederalretail.com for further information.

August 07, 2019 — Chris Bernard