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4Ocean Jewelry

We are in awe of the amazing designs that 4Oceans bracelets offer almost as much as we admire the amazing efforts that the company has made to clean up our seas. Since 2017, 4Ocean has recovered more than 7 million pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines offering a better quality of life for the marine inhabitants (and humans!) who enjoy these natural wonders. Each piece of 4Ocean jewelry is made from recycled materials and proceeds from your purchase go directly toward removing one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines all over the world. With such an inspiring mission, it’s hard not to root for 4Ocean!

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Eco-Friendly Style, Cute 4Ocean Bracelets

Shop cute bracelet styles that represent a commitment to the clean ocean movement and marine research. Not only is 4Ocean’s jewelry super cute and wearable, but they are the perfect way to remind yourself and others to consider how much plastic you can avoid using in everyday life to protect what you love. We love that 4Ocean considered everyone when designing their marine-inspired bracelets — they are unisex styles that represent the animals the organization is looking to protect, including sharks, dolphins, whales, and sea turtles.

These high-quality 4Oceans bracelets are adjustable and feature stainless steel charms for a special touch. We adore the nature-driven color palette of these bracelets and even enjoy stacking them for a fun, layered look.

Support Sea Life and a Greener Future

The mission of 4Ocean jewelry is an admirable one and we are proud to be able to offer 4Ocean bracelets to our community of cute jewelry enthusiasts. Browse and shop these unique pieces at lou lou boutiques online today and order now for free shipping on orders +$40!