Lou Lou Box Terms and Conditions

*Terms and conditions as included on our website apply. Upon completion of this form and enrollment in our program, you will receive a box once a month until you cancel your membership. You may cancel at any time at loulouboutiques.com/account/login. If you wish to cancel your membership you must do so prior to the 8th of each month; billing occurs when you place your first order and for subsequent months on the 9th of each month and the lou lou box ships by the 15th of each month. As a regular member, your credit card will be charged $39 plus applicable tax on the 9th of each month. If you purchased the lou lou box as a gift, you will be either billed for one month at $39 or three months at $39 per month, plus applicable taxes.


Gift subscriptions automatically end when the duration of the subscription term is complete. A link to establish your account information will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment or at the time you wish for your gift recipient to be notified. Manage your subscription preferences at loulouboutiques.com/account/login. Individuals receiving the lou lou box as a gift are not a member unless they sign up as a member after they have received their last gift box. Members must sign up with a working debit or credit card; gift cards and prepaid cards cannot be accepted at this time. The amount paid for membership is not eligible for lou lou loyalty points. If you do not like or want items in your box, you may return the box in its entirety. Please send us an email at info@loulouboutiques.com or call at 540-431-2305 and we will email you a return label immediately. Once your return has been received, we will email you an e-gift card with a value of $39 to be used online at loulouboutiques.com. We are unable to accept partial box returns and cannot accept returns at any of our retail locations.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Please contact us via email info@loulouboutiques.com or by phone at 540-431-2305 and we will gladly assist you with questions, concerns and special requests.