Love, Poppy Large Druzy Pendant

$ 71.00 $ 95.00


Mississippi based designer Chelsea McIntosh launched Love, Poppy in the fall of 2013.  Love, Poppy specializes in handmade bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  Jewelry designs are driven by both current fashion trends and Chelsea's own style, while staying within an affordable price point and using quality materials.  The unique company name has deep-rooted meaning with fond memories intertwined.  Chelsea was very close to her grandfather, Bud "Poppy" Jennings, who was a mailman for over 25 years. Because of her strong relationship with him, she wanted to honor Poppy through her company in some form or fashion.  Chelsea felt that the "Love, Poppy" branding and logo both included her name for her grandfather and honored the profession where he spent many of his days.  The logo's cursive lettering was chosen to resemble a signature that was representative of so many letters that must have passed through her grandfather's hands over those many years.  This gives a special tribute to this cherished man and his career.

This long beaded pendant necklace is a beautiful one-of-a-kind statement piece to add to your collection.  Each of these necklaces is made from natural stone and each pendant will be a little unique and different.

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