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Musee Bath Soaks

$ 24.00

Give yourself some extra "me time" with these luxurious bath soaks from Musee!

Whether you're trying to jump start your day or wind it down, there's the right soak for you!


Just Breathe
Eucalyptus & Lemon

Soothe yourself in a vitamin-filled bath and find comfort as eucalyptus waters restore your fatigued body.

Lavender Flowers and Lime

Put your dreams into motion with a soothing bath to set the stage for a splendid night's sleep!


Beautiful Day
Fresh Florals and Cucumber 

Find inspiration with the beauty of a new day as you relax in a bath filled with scents of cucumber and fresh florals.


Forever Young
Jasmine and Lemongrass 

Experience the renewal of a jasmine and lemongrass bath as rosehip and jojoba oils bring youthful clarity to tired, dull skin.


  • 24 oz. 
  • Epsom salt

Style #39169

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