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Take it back to childhood with our convertible mitten gloves! These nostalgic beauties feature a convertible mitten cover that folds back to reveal all four fingers in their individual slots.  The thumb is fully encased in a slot of its own but also features a small hole to pull the thumb through to use for surfing the web or grabbing onto railings during ice skating. The mitten cover is held into place by a single button located on the back of the hand at the base of the glove.  Available in black, charcoal, brown, grey, pink, red and tan, these mitten gloves feature a tight knit at the wrists to prevent air from entering.  These gloves are ideal for the woman who leads an active lifestyle during the winter months and are as stylish as they are functional. Grab a pair for personal use or to give to a friend. One size fits most, 100% Acrylic.

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